What is YouSpin?

YouSpin is a socially interactive virtual jukebox mobile application that allows you to choose,vote, and play music, chat and meet new friends, interact with the DJ, and create your own party from your fingertips. YouSpin creates a blend of social, music, and business connection for music lovers, bar patrons, and bar owners. Customers can chat with other bar patrons, vote on music, get drink specials, learn about up coming events, and discover new artists and products all from their iphone or android.

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Market & Monetize

YouSpin is a great way to market your brand or your business. Not ony that, with YouSpin monetization features you can begin to target and grow your own audience. Tied together with the entertainment and social aspects, YouSpin offers incredible potential.

Huge Music Library

Select music from an ever growing music catalog of 100,000 plus songs. We're adding more every month. Choose from all your popular genres: Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Latin, and Jazz.
You choose, you play, you dance, YouSpin!

Social Features

YouSpin keeps the party going! Always hear the music you want to hear. Connect and chat with others. And never have a bad night out at the club. You create your own party! Share and Invite others to the party using Twitter and Facebook.